Friday, February 25, 2011

It could be worse...

When preparing all of the kid's last year's spring and summer clothes for the up-coming consignment sale, I stood back for a second and looked at the neatly organized piles and thought, "wow, this is really a lot!"  When everything was entered into the computer, my total was around four hundred items---that's four hundred individual boy and girl outfits, shoes, and a few accessories! Really, Monicah, do two children need four hundred items of clothing for one season?  Most of which were still brand new with tags!  This is when I rightfully admitted to myself that I am a children's clothing "junkie."  There is just something about a perfectly matched smocked brother-sister set that gets me going! I love the way the clothes look on the hanger and even better is the way they look on my kiddos! I get overly excited and even nervous when heading out to the well plotted sales that I attend each season.  That thrill, that rush, the joy of grabbing that gorgeous Castles and Crowns bishop marked nearly half price right before the lady next to you grabs it, I can barely contain myself just thinking about it!!  I'm also big on having the perfect outfits on certain occasions, any occasion for that matter, even something as simple as a trip to the park.  And let's not even begin to talk about vacations or weekend trips, I start listing and planning the outfits weeks in advance!  Now, it should be mentioned that I am in no way walking into boutiques and maxing out credit cards to buy four outfits and two pairs of shoes...I carefully plan, shop for, trade, consign, and finally purchase each season of clothing for my children, and though probably more than an average person would spend, it's definitely not ridiculous!  And why not, anyways?  I don't mind spending the extra money on fine, good quality clothing for my children, and because I in NO way get emotionally attached to clothing, I have no problem turning around and selling them in a consignment sale to add more spending money to my pile.  It actually excites me when I see people holding my items.  I do on occasion and pure fits of emotion walk into a boutique and pay full price for a dress or jon jon.  It is usually when they are needed for a special occasion.  Easter always means big bucks for clothes, but I shouldn't feel guilty, everyone gets new Easter clothes.  Chrimson has worn Strasburg every Easter since she has been born and Shepard joined her last year.  I am sure it will be the same this year, although I am considering something different if I can talk myself into it!  Once I get comfortable with something it is terribly hard for me to change.  My point to this post is that I don't care if I spend too much on clothes or map out for weeks all of the sales and events for children's clothing, because it could be something far worse.  I am proud of myself as a mommy for not only taking pride in what my children wear on a daily basis, but also that I take time to find the best deals for our family so as to not overwhelm my penny pinching husband with the bill in the end!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Even More Frazzled...

It would seem senior-level courses, never ceasing dropping off and picking up, cleaning, cooking, playing, bathing, studying, and a thousand other time-gripping events has frazzled-up my life even more thus letting my blog become seriously neglected, as I expected it eventually would.  Luckily, I have been able to get help in some areas, such as the cleaning aspect.  I have brought back my cleaning lady and couldn't be happier, because let's face it, I hate with a passion putting up laundry, and well, she is just so darn good at it!!  The dropping off and picking up is slowly giving me insight into what my future as a mom beholds.  I can only imagine the gas it will cost once we add soccer, karate, cheerleading, gymnastics, etc. into our weekly schedules.  I often joke with Matt that I now understand the reasoning behind multi-wife marriages, and we might need to pick up a few ourselves to help out around here.  There can be one for cooking, one for laundry, one for running the kids around, one for doing my hair, one for grocery shopping, one for cleaning out the car, and one for getting Shepard back to sleep at night when he wakes up, oh yeah, and one on stand-by just in case I need to run to the tanning bed or take a shower.  Then I would have time for studying and blogs and organizing and all of the other things that usually get shelved until I can find a minute to myself.  I hope you see the sarcasm in my previous statements--it was merely a metaphor to explain how we moms just do way too much in our very little time and usually get little recognition for it, especially from our husbands.  I could seriously go the rest of my life without hearing from Matt, "I've been at work all day," or "I have to go to work tomorrow."  So my sleep is less important because you get to go sit in an office at a computer all day?  I believe that there should be one day a year that roles are reversed and the men do what we women do all day and see just how well it is handled.  I just don't think that their brains work the same way ours do.  Even though I have to run back in the house at least three times before leaving the driveway and I will probably at some point during the day forget the diaper bag, I can still manage to hold a screaming child, make breakfast, talk on the phone, pack a lunch, put on a pair of jogging pants, and tie a shoe all at the same time!  The more frazzled this little life gets, the more fabulous it becomes---so bring it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A look back--

Because of my "lack of a blog," I will be stepping back in time to write about certain noteworthy events in my life.  Up first, Shepard's Birth-day!  From the moment I became pregnant with Shep, I began mapping out exactly what I wanted out of the whole experience.  I knew that I wanted a natural birth with a doula, I wanted to be surprised as to the sex of the baby, and I wanted to become extremely educated with the entire birthing process.  I pulled every ounce of research on natural birthing that I could find, and oddly enough, was terribly confident and not at all worried about anything!  After walking around for a mere three weeks dilated 3-4 centimeters, I opted for induction, and it makes sense that I did because I love knowing exactly what to expect and having everything mapped out and in place.  So, suitcases, matching outfits, and birthplan in hand; Matt, Chrimson, and I headed to the hospital on June 18, 2009 to meet our new baby.  I walked into my enormous room and was greeted by my mom, amazing nurse Julie, and friend and doula-extraordinaire Kelly.  Soon after, the best doctor ever, Dr. Drake, joined us to break my water to get things started.  Several hours later, I still was having no contractions, so I went ahead and allowed a low dose of pitocin.  I should also add that I was never in the bed, I was walking around, sitting in the rocker, and just plain goofing off!  Probably thirty mins after pitocin was introduced, I began to feel contractions.  We set my bed way, way up like a chair, and I climbed in.  Seconds later, I was ready to push.  I honestly had no real pain.  I had myself so built up and ready for this experience that I actually ENJOYED it!  I left there looking forward to doing it again.  It's amazing that God designed us with our own pain medicine--endorphins.  It is our job to learn how to channel that pain into endorphins thus blocking out the discomfort and experiencing the euphoria of the birthing process!  It was the most exhilarating experience of my life!

Baby party at our house--one week before the "BIG DAY"

Chrimson anxiously waiting, wearing her "big sister" shirt

Helping mommy with contractions
And there he is!! 6 pounds 8 oz, 21.5 in long---4:18 pm