Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby boys will melt your hearts

Everyone knows that I love everything about having a little girl, I love huge hair bows, smocked bishops, ballet lessons, cheerleading, princess movies, and the list can seriously go on forever!  I love that my first baby was a little girl and honestly, I hope that my next baby is a little girl as well.  When I found out that I was pregnant for the second time, I knew that I wanted to wait and hear those exciting little words, "It's a boy(or girl)!"  There are so few surprises in life and why not enjoy one of the greatest surprises ever!  What an amazing ending-- to deliver my baby and pull him up to discover that he was in fact a little boy.  It is now, that my little Shep-man is approaching two years old that I know how heart-warming it is to be the mother of a little boy.  There is just something so meaningful behind every little moment with this little guy.  He is rougher and tougher than Chrimson ever was.  He runs, jumps, climbs, shouts, throws anything that remotely looks like a ball, and is--pardon the cliche--"all boy!"  But, when I am holding this wonderfully smushy little angel-puff, and he reaches up and puckers those little, tiny, baby lips up and plants a sweetly moistened baby smooch on me, I just melt!  He and I have invented this little game that only we can play:  I say, "give me a kiss," and he says as he swats his hand, "unhhh(which is kind of like a grunted no sound)." We repeat this process several times until sporadically he grabs my cheeks and finally gives me a kiss and huge hug.  It is a surprise for me every time!!  I LOVE this game.  I have big plans for this little guy, and I hope to teach him everything that he needs to know to grow into a wonderful young man. 


  1. A woman told me while i was pregnant with my little man that she wouldn't trade her 3 daughters for the world but there was something different and special about her bond with her son, she said no matter how dearly you love your girls (and i do) your boy will steel your heart....she was so right......