Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can I please just shave my legs?

There are few luxuries in life when you are mom to two little ones and in school full time fighting for a spot in graduate school, and by luxuries of course I mean instances such enough time to actually get your hair washed in a three day period or when you finally find the time to go and pee because, like a four-year-old that is too busy playing, you haven't taken the time to go relieve yourself of excess bodily fluids, and you would actually find toilet paper on the perfectly coordinated rubbed bronze paper holder and not across the room on the floor and you wouldn't have to to yell, "can someone please get me the toilet paper?"  Ah, yes, luxuries.  Today it seemed that I would get to experience the luxury of having shaved legs so that I may wear my cute little shorts as apposed to jogging pants, again. So,  I go into the bathroom and prop my leg onto the sink and begin the simple yet tedious act that every fourteen year old girl partakes in on a daily basis.  Just as I began to think that maybe I would make it through the entire process, there it comes, that pitter-patter of tiny running feet that starts off as a distant rumble but quickly turns into an obnoxious roar and then bursts through the bathroom door.  Doing everything I can to keep from falling and trying to maintain my sanity while being consumed with running, chasing, shouting, pulling, and "mommy whatcha doing," I finally exclaimed, "can I please just shave my legs!?"  Finally, Matt makes it in to take the kids into the other room so that I may finish, and it hits me--shaving legs is something else to add to shelf of "has to wait to kids are asleep." Truth is I would have rather been chasing and running around with the kids than trying to rush through shaving my legs.  Just another metaphoric look into the frazzledness of our time for simple luxuries, just time for living!

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