Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HCG, P90X, and the countdown to the beach season!

Once January rolls around, we all start sweating those added pounds the holidays brings us, and begin looking to the future of sunshine, coconut oil, and poolside margaritas, well at least I do anyways! I love winter season, don't get me wrong, but once the holidays are over, I am ready to break out the shorts and strapless bra.  This is around the time that I start off my tanning and introduce some sort of exercise routine.  Last year I was especially proud of my "abs" that I worked so vigorously on, and this year I can only hope to get back to that point.  I am also hoping to do something with my legs and tone up my arms a bit, which leads me to P90X.  I think I may be able to squeeze in a night time routine at home, and I know that if I can just stick to it for a few days I will be hooked.  Of course I have been planning all of this out for weeks now, as I do with everything.  I had everything figured out--when I needed to start to be finished in time, what time of day I would do each activity, and, not surprisingly, I researched the heck out of it to make sure it was worth my time!  All of this talk of exercise and "hot bathing suit bodies" made Matt start thinking of how he was going to look standing next to me and sparked a fire under him as well.  He decided that he wanted to lose a few pounds before we started the P90X, thus leading him to the HCG diet.  He had a great experience with this diet last year and knew that he could drop twenty or more pounds in a mere six weeks if he followed the protocol correctly.  If you have not heard of this diet, I am here to enlighten you.  I first heard of this diet several years ago, but I simply did not pay it much attention.  Then my friend Kelly started speaking of the diet that her husband tried and had success with, and it didn't take me long to begin my own research of it.  It was invented, or discovered rather, by a doctor by the name of Dr. A. Simeons in 1954, and then later discussed by Kevin Trudeau in one of his books.  I read both books before Matt began this diet last year, and honestly the reasoning is just plain brilliant!  To sum it up, our bodies need calories for survival, right?  If our bodies are deprived of sufficient amounts of calories, we go into "starvation mode," which tells our bodies to turn to our stored fat supply.  Our bodies ultimately absorb the excess fat that our body has stored up, thus making us lose weight.  It is honestly like instant lipo!  The HCG, a potent hormone produced during pregnancy, is the extra little shot to the metabolism that allows one to maintain sanity while on a very low calorie diet plan, 500 calories a day to be exact.  Now before you say, "well of course you lose weight by only consuming 500 cal a day, anyone will do that, you are starving yourself," I will tell you this, with the help of the HCG, you are not starving yourself, you are actually living off close to 2000 or more cal a day, you just are not eating them.  Every time your body absorbs the fat you have stored, you are receiving all of those calories, vitamins, and minerals, just as if you had eaten them!!!  Genius, right!  I mean Dr. Simeons seriously believed it to be the "cure" for obesity, as do I.  After the third week of the diet, your body's metabolic function readjusts and you are set for life, assuming that you followed his protocol exactly.  It is a pretty tedious diet; you have to weigh your food exactly and only have about ten options to choose from, but it seriously is only six weeks and you are done!  I mean who can't stick with something for six weeks, seriously?  Matt has been doing it for three weeks and has almost reached his goal of thirty pounds.  Once he is there, he can finish up the last phase early, and then it's on to P90X!

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