Monday, March 28, 2011

I will "Rock" the minivan!

I began the search for a new vehicle almost two months ago when I decided that my current vehicle is just too big for someone of my tiny stature.  This has taken longer than usual for two very distinctive reasons, one being the fact that we NEVER buy brand new vehicles because of the immediate loss in value the very second it is moved off the lot--I will let someone else take that hit and proudly drive a practically new, one-year-old vehicle, and the other reason being my expensive, precise, and never-satisfied taste---I know that there is something out there that I will love, and when I find it, I will know!  Which leads me to my latest finds.  After tedious and time consuming research, I found a few vehicles that I really love, that are within budget, and meet all of my requirements of satisfaction.  So being merely satisfied with the narrowing down of my choices, imagine my surprise that when I was driving down the highway and spotted a very interesting vehicle for sale, I pulled over to check it out.  Now, I don't know whether it was the extremely shiny veneer, or the sporty body shape that lured me in, but wow, was I ever shocked that I was actually taking sweet, precious time to stop and look at a--yes folks---a minivan!!  Now, no offense to anyone who drives one, it is just one of those things that I swore, "I would never do," which, since motherhood has consumed me, is slowly becoming a smaller and smaller list!  So as I step out of my obnoxiously high vehicle, I begin walking towards this incredibly shiny, black minivan and immediately see that it is not too old and definitely within the price range.  I cup my hands around my eyes and push my head to the window and check out the inside---sunroof, beautiful leather, rear entertainment, and a whole variety of features that are a "must" on my list.  I step back and thoroughly examine the outside, all the while thinking, "can I really see myself in this?"  And that's when I notice the most incredible feature of all, this is so completely easy to get in and out of with my kiddies...they can easily step right into it, as can I.  This minivan is awesome and I will totally "rock it out!"  I haven't made my decision yet, but there is something to be said when designer shoes and sports cars are replaced with designer strollers and minivans:)


  1. Monica, I also swore I would N-E-V-E-R have a Mini Van..Until I had 3 kids and found myself constantly frustrated without enough room in mid-sized cars and suv's, I bought a minivan 3 weeks ago and i LOVE it!!, My little 3 yr old can hop right up in it no problem, and my other 2 don't have to sit in the same seat lol!! Girl it is a MUST for a growing family, and you are so tiny, you will love being able to reach everything without having to CLIMB everywhere!!!

  2. When you become a Mom you're whole world changes that's for sure. What you once thought was cool suddenly seems immature and too risky. What you once thought was boring or lame actually becomes cool. And although you still have your dreams and goals for your life they do seem to change a bit from the original plan. But motherhood definitely makes everything so much more exciting and wonderful in every way. I have no doubt that you will not only ROCK that minivan Monicah but you will do it with a style that only you can!