Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look who's back at it...

I realized when I first started this little foresight into my personal thoughts and notable occurrences, that I would never keep up with it like all other good "bloggers" do. It's just not an easy task for me to sit and type on a computer for long periods if time. I have several other practical excuses like my lack of a computer due to it being dropped on the floor and cracked and my lack of any personal time due to me taking a job---yes, that's right, I've entered into the job world, which is a post in and of itself. Any how, my life has since become a manic juggling act that finds itself torn in twenty-five thousand different directions. Unfortunately, I feel that some areas are lacking, and that I am unable to devote myself 100% to anything, but as long as I am able to maintain some sort of constant flow and a tiny peice of sanity, then I'm doing what needs to be done. I have a ton on my mind lately and hope to get it all typed out on this lovely little public journal.

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