Sunday, January 15, 2012

"coupon buzz"

Lately, due to popularity of the TLC show "Extreme Couponing" it seems everyone is trying their hands at what it must feel like to buy carts full of groceries for little to no cost!! I mean what better feeling to leave a grocery store having spent less than 5% on your entire purchase--- EXCEPT-- how about leaving a grocery store knowing that you are providing the absolute best possible nutrition for you and your family not worried about the total at the register but about the lifelong cost and impact you are no doubtibly going to encounter due to your feeding your body complete and total GARBAGE!!! This show absolutely kills me. I have watched two episodes, and have seen numerous commercials, and I can say that I am utterly disgusted at these people---let's just start off by calling them what they really are, organized hoarders. I mean really, that's what it is--- they are so totally out of control with their disorders that they could care less about what they are buying, but only care that they are buying it for no monetary cost. Case in point... One of the two episodes I watched featured a lady that already had enough "food" in the house to last months, but because of her hoarding disease and sought after, thrill-induced high, she just had to go buy more so called food. At one point in the store, she began filling her cart with boxes and boxes of instant potatoes--- really? Because let's face it, everyone needs to fill their bodies, arteries, internal organs, and other important vessels with instant potatoes. Have you ever thought what exactly boxed potatoes are and what is done to them to allow them to be instant? Let me enlighten you-- among other things, instant potatoes contain a chemical called BHA which is a carcinogen(heard of those before?) Also, did you know that a home remedy for killing or getting rid of mice is to use instant potatoeS? Now, I promise that I know almost nothing about medical testing and drug trials and things like that, but don't we use mice to test medicines and such for later-on human use? So, am I correct to say that it could be probable that a substance used for killing mice just might cause some harm to the human body. It's just a bit of common reasoning. Also, have you ever made instant potatoes? I have not, but I watched them being made once before, and observed that if you do not continually stir these at a fast and steady rate, they will harden to a cement like substance. Isn't it likely that these could harden to cement inside your body? Anyways, I just hate all of these "easy" foods out there! Take a minute aNd mash some real potatoes people! Seriously! You have no idea how this boils my blood, and even worse is that the lady from the show has children she planned to feed this crap to! After seeing this, I seriously considered mailing her money to go buy her poor children a real potato with instructions on how to clean, boil, and mash it! It may seem like they are doing a great and miraculous thing by getting groceries for no money, but they are not! Food is not something you cut the budget for. How about cutting out cable tv or that extra gym membership you use twice a year. Now those are things worth cutting out, but not the life support of your future--- food is important!!!

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